I’m Calling It

So, in yesterday’s video, I was talking about how I only had ten more cloths to knit before I reached my initial goal of thirty-one halloween knitted washcloths…

I did finish one more after that.  I also nearly finished a second one…I was about ten rows from finishing when I dropped a stitch–and that stitch unraveled about six rows down…and I frogged the entire cloth…

It was about ten thirty at night when I frogged out that ghostie cloth…and I had already started planning my next project…reviewing patterns and yarns in my head…

So when I frogged that ghost cloth, it hit me…I am feeling better and not so willing to be confined to just sitting on the couch knitting to keep myself occupied.  I am not knitting these as gifts.  I plan to buy more of Kris Knits patterns and make a lot of other cloths in the next few months.  I made enough so that each child gets seven cloths…and I have one extra for me…if that’s the way the kids want to divvy them up.

So–I am calling it.  I made twenty-two knitted wash cloths, using cotton yarn, on US size 5 needles…and for this year…that’s it.

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22 completed knit Halloween wash cloths

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If you are looking for links to the patterns I used to make these cloths, click here and here.