My Completed Full Moon Piece

I haven’t been painting or sketching or doing much of anything due to illness lately…I mean, weeks of nothing…heck, I was having issues this past week even locating where my working art journal had been stashed, because I had put them away when we got the cats to keep them out of the way and safe from little kitties.


The way she came into being was me standing, staring out at the Moon as She was nearly full, asking…a lot of questions…and the response I received was…make a wish…write down and art about your heart’s most fondest desires.  Those wishes, for me, I have distilled down to three key points, which I have no desire to share publicly at the moment…but this is what came up.

She is a peahen.  The original idea I had was to decorate her with swirls and designs and all sorts of things, but as I came to sit with her to do these things, the whole, I am a peahen, still beautiful, yes, but I don’t have to show off the way the peacock does…so just let me be…and for the most part, that is what I did.