A Story For You…


Once upon a time

A siren sounded

calling to me

I awoke

did I?

I ran

There was a door

I was the key

the door opened

I walked inside

Imagine my surprise

To find me standing there…

With tears in my eyes

I took my own hands

Kissed both my cheeks

and leaned in close

to whisper in my own ear

I forgive you

I release you



Be free

I dissolved

Melting away

Into Sun and Sea and Turf

Yet there I stood




The End

2017: My Shadow Animal Totem

I cannot remember from what source the idea of the Shadow Animal Spirit or Totem came from.  I have an idea, but I don’t want to misquote it.  Just know, the Shadow Spirit Animal is not my own invention or anything.  I happened to read a newsletter or blog post that made its way into my inbox…and it completely captivated me.

I have never even heard of having a Shadow Spirit Animal or Shadow Spirit Guide.  So, I started to — not study it, not buy books, not go online and read up on.  I stopped all of my usual let’s delay the inevitable by sucking up all the knowledge I can possibly find–my typical scholarly way.

I instead went inside and I asked the question: who here speaks for me?

I asked all day long.  I didn’t want nor did I expect an instant answer–even though I did get one.  I held that answer, but wanted to make sure.  So, I kept asking.  That night, as I lay down to sleep, I made a clear request to journey in Dream Space with that Shadow Animal so that we could talk.

My Shadow Totem never wavered, has never wavered.  He has been there all along.  I’ve known about him.  I just never thought of him in those terms before.

Now, this year, I mean to do my best to seriously, consciously and consistently work with him–and see what comes of it.

My Shadow Animal Totem … is the frog.  Specifically, the leopard frog.

Frog has been with me since I was a child, when my favorite toy was a bean bag frog named Gilligan.  I left that toy behind when I left home when I was sixteen–and that frog to this day is the one and only thing I regret not taking with me.  I miss that old thing, more than I care to admit some days.

I don’t know what is going to happen, or how we are going to work together, or how much I will share of the journey–but Frog is with me now…consciously — and I am not letting him go anywhere again.

2017: The Goddess of My Year

For many years now, I have chosen a word of the year, something for me to use as a guidepost to help me maneuver through whatever comes up during the year, a way to live, something to embrace.  Whatever.

I have read of other people choosing a color of the year–a phrase, mantra or affirmation–a spirit animal–an angel–a deity–a flower–an herb–a tree…and so on…

In the past few months, every time I pull a card or do a reading online, one Goddess keeps showing up for me, keeps having something to say to me, keeps trying to remind me of something–keeps trying to remind me of who I am, of where I come from, of what I am meant to be, of what I am capable…


She is my patron Goddess this year.  She is my Guiding Light and my Saving Grace.

Let’s see where this wind blows me and where these cats pull me.  I am along for more than the ride itself.


2017: An Affirmation And A Quote

As I walk into the New Year, I shall carry new brave words in my heart.

Something I want to do this year is a 365 project–a quote or affirmation every day of the year–

But before I came to that idea–I wanted to have something to lean upon as I went along in 2017.  So along with my word of the year and goddess of the year and so forth, I also chose both a quote and an affirmation.

My quote for the year is: “No more hiding and holding back.  Let yourself be awesome.” from the Brave Girls Club.

My affirmation for the year is: I am stronger than I know.

These are the things I need to remember.

I will be writing them in my daily planner so that I can refer back to them and read them constantly.  I am also planning to make art cards, and whatever else I need to, so that I can have each sentence tucked into journals and books, pinned to bulletin boards, sitting on my altar, in my wallet.  All over the place so that whenever I need a little boost–and I can always use a little boost right now–I have them in easy reach.

Do you have a mantra, affirmation or quote to help guide you through the coming year?  Or for any other reason?

2017: My Word Of The Year

I have had my word of the year since October.  I wasn’t really casting around for one yet back then, but this one word kept coming up.  Reclaim.  Reclaim.  Reclaim.

So, I let it keep coming at me for a few days.  Let it drift through my brain, my dreams, and I knew…it was the right word for me this coming year.

A reclamation.

I could go into a great many details, give you lots of stories and tidbits that prove I have totally lost myself–but I think I am going to let that lie and not air every little detail.  It’s difficult enough to admit that I have lost so much of myself.

Let us see where this year takes us, shall we?