What Happened Last Month?

November came…and I took a sabbatical from the blog here, as you can see.

It was not a planned sabbatical.

It began with a series of unfortunate technical difficulties…then became coupled with sickness, depression, migraine…and more technical difficulties…and after missing one weekly video filming, it was very easy next week around to say, I’ma skip it…

I did look at this poor blog throughout November, thinking, oh, I do need to show up and be present here…every time I thought that, the counter thought of, oh, I need to show up and be present HERE, right where I am, is by far more important.

So, that is what I did.

I usually try to do my planning for the coming year at the end of October, the first week of November.  This year, I bought a new how to plan your year book (I won’t say whose, because I genuinely love this person–but the book … let’s just say I won’t be buying it again because, although terrific, it was not 1 what I thought it would be and 2 was not what I needed–and yes, this person does give away several little tastes of her work throughout the year and I did think it would be a masterful fit…alas, nope…)

I had a dated and an undated planner, which I carefully dated to make sure I knew where I was and what I was doing at all times…the weekend before Halloween, I set out to work through the book, to make my plans…and before I knew it…I was unplanned, dissatisfied and disgruntled.  As a nod to my daughter here, all I wanted to be was…gruntled…(look it up–it really is a word).

I put aside the planning book…and decided to see what I wanted to do, what means something to me…and that’s what I did…

Enter the days before and right after Halloween…stressful, not good, and …let’s just stick with not good…I was so lost I didn’t even manage to pull a single Tarot/Oracle card for my annual coming year reading.  Enter computer technical issues, a new bout of illness, yada yada yada…and here we go into November…

That’s when it hit me…I needed to re-evaluate all the planning I had done…and change it…I hadn’t really built-in these down times for various projects.  I had planned things out on a month by month, week by week basis…and I can’t do that.

Given the fact that I have a chronic illness…and a highly sensitive toddler — among other things…I have to make sure I plan in plenty of down time…which means that in 2017, I am planning to take November and December off.  Not that I won’t be doing stuff…but I had other plans…and now I am not piling those plans on somewhere else during the year, but am gratefully pushing those plans into 2018 and letting go of the I gotta do it stress that suffuses my body-brain , darn near daily.

Now, that’s where I was, and where I will be going.

Stay tuned for more as I continue to share what went on during November, however slowly it happened…




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