Social Media ‘Check-In’


So, social media.

I have made it clear a few months ago that I was going off most social media…I think a better way to say it was I went off social media except in the way I wanted to utilize it.

Example: instagram…nothing has changed about the way I work with instagram.  I post tons of pictures and little videos of the kids, for family.  OK, there was one change–I used to have everything from instagram post directly to my facebook page…and I stopped doing that.

Example: pinterest…I did a completely revamp of my pinterest use.  I completely deleted my original account and set up a new one.  Most of the stuff that I work with for me, I have hidden.  I have some public boards set up, with nothing on them as yet, because I am still working behind the scenes on things.  But the stuff I pin for me, for my edification, my inspiration…I keep private.  Because that is what feels good to me.

Example: facebook…I turned off all notifications, turned off all services, although I did turn one back on by request of a family member.  I do not check facebook.  I do not post to facebook.  I have a couple of reasons to do with family members, not least of all having teens, that I have not completely closed the account, but for all intents and purposes, it is a dead account.  I have not missed it in the least.  That’s the big thing.

I do not feel as if I am missing anything at all.  I never got my news from facebook.  In fact, I was wowed these past couple months to really see clearly how little the “mainstream media” puts out there.  All we saw through mainstream media was the election and dragging candidates through the mud and celebrity blah blah blah.  If not for the fact that I follow  certain people (this means I receive newsletters and blog posts in my inbox) I would never have heard of DAPL.  That above all else ticks me off.  But I won’t go there…

But it does bring me to my inbox–a week or so before Thanksgiving, the buy this now ads started to hit…and I started not just deleting things, but unsubscribing to things.  Now, there’s one thing to say, hey, the holidays are coming, here’s my sale…it is something else to bombard inboxes — this is a repeated SALE BUY ME SALE thing, many of which I received from the same sources several times a day…I just don’t want people thinking if I receive something that says, hey, buy me, I will unsubscribe instantly…I don’t…but if I am inundated, if I feel what  receive is too heavy-handed–if there is nothing else offered but BUY THIS NOW and it’s an obvious money grab…it’s not for me and I unsubscribe.

I still get a lot of emails that I don’t open.  I stay subscribed because–when I do have the time, I enjoy reading/following those people.  Right now, I have so very little time for just me, I don’t waste it on other people who are not family.  I hate to say that–but it is true.  And if I am being honest, I don’t really make all the time I want to make for family either…so it’s not as if I am a stellar keeper-upper with anything at the moment.

This is me sharing today, trying to make that little bit of space for me and for my stuff.  Keep an eye out…more stuff is coming this month.