So, I Killed An Art Journal

It was months ago that I put together all these art journals, so I would have them on-hand when I needed one, instead of making them on demand…plus, I had all this paper I *needed* to do something with…and if I bound it all into a book, then it was being used, even if the book sits on the shelf waiting for me to get to it.

I had this gorgeous double-sided scrapbooking paper, in blues and browns, that just made my heart sing.  I talked about it here, and I think there’s a video of all the journals I made at that time too.  I am not going to link to them…but the proof is out there, somewhere…if you are so inclined.

Anyway…this one journal.  The paper was 12 inches by 12 inches…and I loved that…I wanted a 6 inch by 12 inch journal.  I did that on purpose.  I didn’t even trim the top of the pages, so there was an overlap on some where there was a hole directly in the center that I had planned to tie things to or whatever.   bound the whole thing using a very simple pamphlet stitch, in a fleece cover.  A fleece animal print cover, no less.

Yeah, well, I had that journal (as I do so many others) sitting close to me in my work area.  I would take it out and look at it now and then.

Then, one day, it hit me: I so do not want a 6inch by 12 inch journal.  But–I LOVE the paper in this thing.  So, I killed that journal.  I took it apart, as much as it would let me.  Now, I did glue down the first and last pages to the inside of the cover–so those pages were mostly lost…no, not entirely…more on that later…

I pulled out an old hard cover printed book.  I removed the book block.  And the spine.  I cut every page to size by hand, using a paper trimmer.  I used the holes that were already in the paper to bind the pages again, using a coptic stitch…but then didn’t really think it would be as strong as it should…so I used a peacock motif duck tape to cover the spine…and funny part…I pulled the tape too tight and it smooshed my signatures and made them all wonky–so I cut that tape down the center, doing some major breathing exercises to keep calm and not cut the binding threads…I missed them all…somehow…and then I put another piece of the same tape over that, widening the spine a bit.  The signatures had more space and the book is happier.

Now, I had an idea for the cover…I wrote a word in glue on the cover and then ‘salted’ the glue with a heavy dose of glitter…but…I had an intervention of the toddler kind before it was dry…so I ended up coating the entire front cover with a couple glitters…and then…I didn’t like the way all that chunky glitter looked so after it was half-dry I pried some off, whatever would come off…and then left it alone because now it looks weird and funky and cool…

I poked a hole (using an awl) in the back cover and threaded some ribbon through for a closure…I thought I had a lot more ribbon than I did, but it works for what I need it to do and that’s enough.

I also went through with some washi tape and covered the center stitches and the spaces between signatures.

Later this week I will tell you what I did with all the scraps of paper left over from this project.

Here are some pictures:

dsc00519 dsc00520 dsc00521 dsc00522 dsc00523


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