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I love my moleskine daily planner.  Throughout 2016, this thing made me very happy.  It is not 100% perfect for me as a planner–but to keep track of everything on a daily basis–as I tend to get very lost without it–it is superb.  So, I wanted another one for 2017–and I ordered one–so since I knew it was going to be just for keeping track of what I do in a day, I figured I would buy the smaller daily planner rather than my beloved large daily planner.  I also knew I would be buying a planner to actually plan in separately–and that that one would be larger.

Well, the smaller moleskine daily planner arrived–and it is small…very small…as I flipped through my larger one, it struck me that I keep track of a lot of things on a daily basis…and the smaller one–was too small to fulfill my needs.

I am not throwing this thing away.  I let it sit on my desktop for a few days–but the idea of a 365 project started to eat away at my brain.

No way am I doing 365 sketches or doodles.  I let go of that right away.  I know I will get too cranky and too busy and too–whatever–to want to do something like that every day.

I also needed to have something in place that would keep me 1 honest and 2 interested in the process throughout the year–it took over a month for what I can do and what will work for me for me in the long-term.

I came up with For Your Inspiration Fridays, which you can read about here.

Basically, I am going to write down one quote–mantra–affirmation–statement — something — every single day of the year.  Then, once a week, on Fridays, I am going to post them here on the blog, for your inspiration.

I don’t really plan to have a theme, say, monthly, or weekly.  I am just going to grab the quote that most speaks to me on that particular day.

I hope you come join me for the journey.





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