A Little Something New


Coming in 2017, I am planning to re-open the monthly newsletter.  (Sign up here if you are interested.)

It is not going to be anything like it was last time I ran a newsletter.

This year, I want to try working on something new.

I plan on creating something like a bit of an e-zine for you.

I took a class from Brave Girls University, called “Christmas Stories” Heirloom Altered Book, taught by Lorraine Bell–whom I adore.

Well, I started thinking–I could make myself a book like this, one for every month of the year.  Not a planner or anything, but an art journal.  Something to keep bits and bobs and tidbits in.  Something I prepare ahead of time and then fill at my leisure throughout the month.

Would that not be cool?

Twelve little hand-made altered book journals, full of nothing but me…my stuff, my thoughts, my words, my art…and all sorts of other whatever I throw in to create the journal in the first place…

The whole idea really took off in my head.  So much so that I started writing, outlining, taking notes, making sketches–and then one trip to the thrift store where books are 15 cents per inch.  I didn’t get all the books I plan to use throughout this year, because I also intend to make some of these books up as gifts.  I did get enough to keep myself busy for a while though–and  that counts.

Now, in these monthly installments, I won’t be trying to sell you anything.  I won’t be trying to teach you anything.  I technically won’t be doing anything at all except for sharing what comes up for me, and what I create.

I plan on having a theme for each month.  I will include a word that I want to work with–and each word will work with my word of the year (reclaim).  The monthly word is more of an expansion of the word of the year, a deeper delving.  There will be Oracle cards draw.  The Oracle decks I mean to work with will include an herbology deck, an animal deck, a Mother deck and a self-care deck–details about all decks will be included in each newsletter.  There may be poetry, meditations, affirmations, quotes, artwork, stories.  Who knows?  But every month, I want to show up and do a little something different than I have been doing.  I want to put myself out there just a bit more than I have been doing.

This is how I plan to go about it.

Sign up if you’re interested.


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