2017: An Affirmation And A Quote

As I walk into the New Year, I shall carry new brave words in my heart.

Something I want to do this year is a 365 project–a quote or affirmation every day of the year–

But before I came to that idea–I wanted to have something to lean upon as I went along in 2017.  So along with my word of the year and goddess of the year and so forth, I also chose both a quote and an affirmation.

My quote for the year is: “No more hiding and holding back.  Let yourself be awesome.” from the Brave Girls Club.

My affirmation for the year is: I am stronger than I know.

These are the things I need to remember.

I will be writing them in my daily planner so that I can refer back to them and read them constantly.  I am also planning to make art cards, and whatever else I need to, so that I can have each sentence tucked into journals and books, pinned to bulletin boards, sitting on my altar, in my wallet.  All over the place so that whenever I need a little boost–and I can always use a little boost right now–I have them in easy reach.

Do you have a mantra, affirmation or quote to help guide you through the coming year?  Or for any other reason?