So, Video Tutorials,Right?

So this is my year of really crawling up into my own space and putting myself out there.


You can see with the video my friend Tracy and I did here, I mean business.


However, one of goals for this year, that I actually set in the middle of last year, was making a video tutorial at least once a month, some sort of arty something.


It hasn’t happened.


First of all, January FLEW by…I was still recovering from December and last year and everything and suddenly it’s February.  I only managed to have one of my boyfriend’s presents ready for his birthday (he’s a groundhog), because I honestly hadn’t realized how much time had passed by.


So, yes, there will be monthly videos with Tracy,  Yes, I will continue to post my weekly check-in videos, just to hold myself accountable.  And for the month of February, I do fully intend to vlog every single day.  Well, most every day anyway…


What about the tutorial videos?


I really do not think so.


What I think is going to happen is me making process videos, not technique or tutorial videos.


I am still undergoing a lot of powerful shifts these days.  What I learned in all my art classes, it’s not always authentic for the way I do things right now…and what I do does not always result in art, or in anything.  Some days my process is to simply sit, stare out a window and pretend there are no cars, no noise, just mountains and forests and silence.  Silence being the key lately.


When will I begin to make these videos?  Honestly, I cannot be sure.


I can find my cameras.  I can find … well, most of my equipment.  I can make the time, even with interruptions.  But, at the moment there is nothing I have to say that warrants doing anything.


Even in my monthly journal this month, I am doing more with that crayola black marker than I am anything else…and I am not always thrilled by how that turns out.


So, we will see.


I will let you know when I am ready.


Until then, feel free to email me any ideas you have for videos you want to see or anything else.




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