Once upon a time, she was given a choice.

Take this bumpy road–or take that bumpy road.

Which to choose?

The ordeal was no in the picking of one or the other.

The difficulty arose in the understanding of the best way to release the present while maneuvering into the proper position for future endeavors and for eventual success.

Many people stood up, glad to offer their own persuasive arguments.

Some held good in their hearts.

Others…they held deadly darkness and spite within their own.

Who would she trust?

Who could she believe?

She stopped.  She stood still.  She listened.  Deep.

Her choice, she said, was to listen to her own dear heart.

She decided to trust her own intuition, her own inner knowing.

She took neither road proffered to her.

Instead, she turned the opposite direction of both and began to walk.  Out into the field of blooming yellow flowers.

She forged her own path.

Difficult it was, the way she walked.

However, at the end of every day, the gifts to be had were always many,