VEDIF 2017: Day 21


Tuesday…It’s Tuesday

You  know, my birthday is now less than a week away.  It’s not a milestone or anything for me.  I am not upset over getting older.  Age is just a number.  It doesn’t matter much to me.  I have people around me who love me and whom I adore in return.  That is more than enough.


Five years ago, I released an email workshop (just scroll down…you’ll see it) in honor of my birthday.  I keep thinking I want to do something like that for this year as well.

Considering that my birthday is in six days, I doubt I will be able to pull anything cohesive off in time…but…I do think that I can create something this year.

This year has gone nothing like how i envisioned it would go…but there are a lot of beautiful things going on behind the scenes.

After three years, four years now, I am finally getting a leg up on my health.  I will never be “whole” nor “cured”, at least not in the eyes of Western medicine, but I can alleviate the layers of not my usual chronic issue and I can find that … for lack of a better term, the sweet spot in dealing with my chronic issue…and that is good; it’s good enough for me.

Today is the birthday of Alan Rickman…and of Anais Nin…I wish I had more to share with you to honor one or both of them…but alas, the work is only in my heart right now.  So I offer prayers for their peace and happiness, wherever they are.

And to you as well…

Until next time…