Have You Seen All The Free Stuff Yet?

Have you seen all the free stuff we have available?

Click here to go to the main page of our freebies–from there you can get to all the rest…but let me tell you about what you can find there on our family website, all for free, just for you…

First on the list is the new monthly newsletter, which you have heard about here for a while now.  You can read more about it hereSign up for it here.

Under the courses tab, we have a Journey exercise available as an instant download.

We have several email workshops that you can sign up for under our workshops tab.  Be sure to scroll down the page to see all of the offerings.

Next we have our creative prompts.  I have been putting out free prompts somewhere online since at least 2011…and I have them all collected in various PDFs that you can instantly download.  Make sure you scroll down this page.  There are lots of options available here.

Now comes the knitting patterns and the crochet patterns.  Although there are currently no other free patterns in the works, we do have several knitting patterns that will be coming up for sale in due course.

The next offering is a page of meditations written — or transcribed for–Evangeline when she was younger.

After that comes the video page.  Here you will find the videos of Sisters of Wyrd, as well as links to Tabitha’s and Evangeline’s youtube channels.  We do not post every video of Tabitha nor Evangeline.  At least, not yet.

And last but far from least, we have the Halloween page.  This is our favorite freebie.  Every year, the Sisters In The Shadows hosts a fabulous free for all…to terrify all…every day in October, Sisters posts a story, a poem, some scray art, some nasty tidbit, to titillate and frighten. In the beginning of November, we gather all that year’s posts and tuck them up neat and tidy in a PDF for everyone to have as their very own.  Here are all the years of Sisters gathered into one place.  Not to mention, since 2015, I myself have been running a themed prompt-fest on this blog…you will find those collected prompts on this page as well.

Check back whenever the urge hits you.  You never know when we will update any of these pages with new tasty treats for you.



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