Its My Birthday

Today is my birthday.

Today is the day I want to tell you about what I have currently ready and available on our family website.

Go to the Shop tab at the top of the page.  Flit on down until you see my name, Tabitha.

If you click my name, the page there will give you all sorts of information about me.  Links to sites.  Some art work.  Little tidbits.

The first tab under — or rather beside–my name that comes up is: before working with me.  This is for people who are taking my classes, workshops and courses.  This is for people who engage me for healing sessions, intuitive sessions and mentoring sessions as well.  Please read this and understand…I am not your mother.  I am here to help you help you–not do the work for you.

My first offering is: intuitive readings by email.  On this page is the box to click (or rather the little picture that says ‘add to cart’ that takes you to paypal) to order a reading…but beside that are the rules and regulations of getting a reading from/with me.  Before you buy a reading, I suggest you read that–it is very important information.  Having said that, I do do longer readings, by request, by email.  If you are interested in a longer reading, please email me here.  I will send you an invoice and we will go from there.

Next you will find meditations.  I have started on these, but I do not feel I am ready to release them as yet.  I have written meditations.  Painted meditations.  What I want to do is record the meditations for you.  I also want to have a recorded meditation and an art piece to contemplate while listening for you.  Those are still in the works.

The tab under that is the courses tab.  Under this tab, you will find a tab for every course that I offer.  These courses are not yet active.  These will be my email courses.  Details of each course will vary, but the basic premise is that you will sign up for a course.  Every few days or so, or every day, you will receive an email with one prompt.  And so on, until the end of the course.  I am working on that.  These courses will be available for purchase in the coming months.  My goal is within the next 60 days.  I will keep you updated on my progress with these.

Although the next tab says Reiki sessions, I am offering Reiki and energetic healing sessions.  Right now, the only sessions I am offering are distance sessions. Once we move to a more suitable clime, I will open up for local clients to have in-person sessions again.  I will keep you updated as things progress.  Until then, I am grateful and excited to be doing healing work again.  I’ve missed it.

Spirit Dolls is the next tab.  Something near and dear to my heart…and something I very rarely engage in lately.  The creation of dolls…I used to knit or crochet small toys as well, but that hasn’t happened in a while due to circumstance.  I still have a few dolls waiting to find their Homes.  Come see if one of these beauties belongs to you.

Mentoring.  I have purposely left this description fairly blank.  It can mean any number of things.  Perhaps you need more in-depth intuitive counseling.  Perhaps you need a spiritual advisor.  Perhaps you just need someone to talk to, or to help you work through a problem.  Perhaps you need a partner to work alongside you as you go through a new project.  Email me.  Discuss what you are looking for, what you need, what you expect, and perhaps we can come to some agreement.

Now we come to the fiber tab.  This is a place where I do have plans to add on to this year.  That whole book of shawl patterns that I have had sitting here for so many years.  Slowly I am test-knitting my way through them…and finding inventive ways to write out the patterns to make them comprehensible to everyone.  Until then, I do have knitting patterns, as well as crochet patterns, for sale right here.

At the very bottom of my list comes: Artwork Page 1 and Artwork Page 2.   This is where you can find the art that I have created for sale.  Everything is linked and priced.  If there is not a working button available, it is because shipping needs to be calculated before sale.  The price of the piece is listed; there just isn’t a buy now button set up, due to the shipping issue.

Now, there is a lot more art that I need to put up for sale there.  I am slowly working my way up to that.  You would think that this should be the easiest part of what I do…but it is because it is easy–take a picture, post it, put it up for sale…that I keep pushing that to the bottom of my to do list.  I have to get those harder to do, have to figure this out things done before I can just do the ‘easy’ parts, don’t you know.

You will be seeing more of my abstract work.  Not necessarily the ink drippings, but other work.  You will soon see more collaborative work between my son Nikolas and myself.  You will also see the icons I have created for various classes and repeating posts put up for sale.  I have stacks of my primitive girls to finish off.  Lately, I have been exploring other things close to my heart and those will soon show up as well.

Thank you for listening to me today…I know this is a lot of information to go through.

I am hoping to have my free “birthday course” ready for you by the end of April.

Thanks for joining me on this journey today.




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