29 Faces – A Final Thought Or Two

I was actually worried there for a bit that I hadn’t kept up with Ayala’s challenge of 29 Faces in the month of February.  After seeing my February journal, I knew I had at least thirty-two faces…plus I knew I had done a couple outside of that journal…so I figured, ok, thirty-four, maybe thirty-five…then I created my February 2017 29 Faces Challenge pinterest board…and low and behold, once I had everything uploaded…I have thirty-nine completed faces for the month…

February was such a roller coaster month for me, regardless of art or online challenges or anything else like that.  Physically, energetically, it was a heck of a month…and although we are this far into March now, I am still processing and recuperating from February…

I did enjoy this 29 Faces challenge immensely.  Although I worried about not having enough faces done at the end of the month, I didn’t actually worry about that until…the very last day of the month…

I didn’t post every single day.  I didn’t even post every single face on instagram as I sketched them.  Why?  I actually forgot…and then I would do several sketches in a short time…and I didn’t want to overload my instagram feed with photo after photo of charcoal sketches–especially as if I had the time to sketch, it meant I had some time to add color…so I chose working with color and pigments to posting online.

This seems to be a strong recurrent theme in my life at the moment…real life takes precedence over online life.    But more on that later…I’m sure.

I learned something very valuable about myself and my work this round of 29 Faces.  It is actually something I already knew, but it has not been something I have clung to or worked with or on.  I merely noted it, when meh, and moved on doing what I have been taught/learned to do…instead of trusting and following my heart–which lead to quite a bit of congestion over the past year.

What I learned…and what I am embracing is…I love my primitive faces far more than my … not primitive whimsical faces…I’m not sure what to call the not so primitive ones.  I put a lot of time and effort into both –into all sorts of faces and whatever else that I do…I have never thought to sit down and create a box for anything — other than ‘my work’…and I guess I am going to let that singular box suffice.

Christy Sobolewski, to date, has given out the best advice I have heard.  To paraphrase her, get a bunch of (fashion) magazines, check out instagram, pinterest, whatever–gather up a bunch of faces and start sketching and painting…and then do it again and again and again…and keep doing it.  Draw faces.  Paint faces.  Lots and lots of faces.  That’s how you learn.  That’s how you develop your style, your body of work.

I have a stack, I mean over fifty sketches, of faces that I drew last year and didn’t paint.  Quite a few of them are there for my own Ride The Magic Mushroom prompt project.  I now have the desire and the willingness to pick these up and start working on them again…and I haven’t wanted to touch faces in such a long time…so for that, if nothing else, I am so deeply grateful to Ayala for hosting this challenge.

I learn something new about myself every time I do this challenge.

Thanks for following along with me as I do these things, as I traipse along on my journey here.