The Things We Are Learning…

Do you know what we learned here at home this past week?

That English muffins are not baked at all–they are grilled.  Like on a griddle, or in a pan.

We watch as much The Great British Bake Off as we possibly can on Netflix–there are only three seasons available…but we watch every single episode over and over–except the show stopper on one episode because we feel so bad for the person who went home (forty seconds, indeed!)…but we do watch episodes over and over and over of the three seasons we have available here…and we have begun to do several things.

I do have to say I am very grateful for this show…I am now cooking a lot more…and I haven’t wanted to cook in a long time.  Dinner tonight was homemade bread with homemade cottage pie…and the family is too happy about that one.

One: the teen girl is baking like mad.  She makes her own fondant, with marshmallows, so it’s the “quick” fondant–but she is way too happy with it.  She makes cakes, cupcakes and other bits from scratch now.  She made a coconut crème pie this weekend–and that includes making the crust from scratch, making the whipped crème from scratch…she is having a field day.

Two:  I have made things like, oh, English muffins.  I have a cast iron pancake skillet (or at least that’s what I call it–it is not a fry pan–no raised sides) and we worked out our first batch and they are yummy.  It was a test batch–they rose for too long on the first rise–but at least I know what I did wrong…they puffed up all mighty mighty when I fried them.  So the next time, I will adjust accordingly.

I also got to make an Apple Betty Crisp for my darlin’ man.  What is an Apple Betty Crisp?  Well, I took an Apple Betty recipe and I combined it with an Apple Crisp recipe…and voila…Apple Betty Crisp.  Why did I do it that way?  The Apple Crisp recipe had way too much sugar, and not enough crumble for the crisp…I like to improvise.

Three:  this week-end, for St Patrick’s Day, we had our celebration on Saturday, for the most part–I still have cupcakes to make, but Sunday was another busy day…and he girl had to make her coconut crème pie, so I wasn’t fighting to make cupcakes…although I did make my own buttercream…

I found out…the teen girl (as opposed to the teen boy) loves cabbage.  Cabbage.  Who knew?  And all I did was chop a head of cabbage up, toss it in water with two packets of onion soup mix, and let it boil until tender.  I pulled out, drained it all–I used the left-over broth to boil our ears of corn in…and that was nice and tasty.  But the cabbage, I chopped up finer for eating, tucked them into a bowl and let butter melt all over the top.  Nothing more than that.  And the girl cannot get enough.  Cool.

For the teen boy, I asked him what he needed to have at a St Patrick’s Day celebration–I received one request.  Green bread.  That’s it.  Not cakes.  Not cupcakes.  Not puddings.  Not jellos. (The youngest wants green and orange jellos, but no one else does.)  Plain old green bread.  I used a basic white bread recipe, in my bread machine on the dough cycle…and it took a lot more green food coloring than you would think to turn it a nice deep shade of green–versus a pale pastel Eastery sort of shade of green…it turned out quite yummy.

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My oldest son's st pats day request. .. green bread

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Although the youngest, who normally cannot get enough of homemade bread when it’s baked here…he won’t touch it…even though when asked how he turned the bread green (his sister was teasing him) he said as he is a super hero he used his super powers to turn the bread green–and that he did it because he is a super hero and that is what super heroes do.  Just so ya know there.

I do plan on making cupcakes tomorrow…I have the green buttercream.  I am making either vanilla or lemon cupcakes.  Maybe even both.  The funny thing is–I probably won’t eat any.  It’s why I don’t really bake more, because it doesn’t always get eaten.  Believe it or not, the toddler is not all that into sweets.  He loves to help cook and bake, but not so much eat.  Although since last week, that has been slowly changing…so we’ll see where he sits when I start up with the cupcakes again.  He is a picky one, that boy.


Hello. It’s Monday.

Hello.  It’s Monday.

You may have noticed I was not around much last week.

I actually had quite a bit planned…but then–life intervened.

Doctors appointments.  Eye doctor appointments.  Dental appointments.  Even though I was not the one in the dentist’s chair, I still feel as if I were–I am still recuperating–although the person in question was over it all in about an hour or so after the procedures were done.

I had even planned a video…to make sure I didn’t stop making videos just because the whole VEDIF in February was so much for me.  I had stuff to talk about…and now, I don’t actually remember most of it because I rehearsed it all in my head, repeatedly — and then…my brain went to mush…

I decided to just let the blog lay dormant for a week and focus on my family and myself…

Now…it’s time to get back into the groove … so … here we go.