Hello. It’s Monday.

Hello.  It’s Monday.

You may have noticed I was not around much last week.

I actually had quite a bit planned…but then–life intervened.

Doctors appointments.  Eye doctor appointments.  Dental appointments.  Even though I was not the one in the dentist’s chair, I still feel as if I were–I am still recuperating–although the person in question was over it all in about an hour or so after the procedures were done.

I had even planned a video…to make sure I didn’t stop making videos just because the whole VEDIF in February was so much for me.  I had stuff to talk about…and now, I don’t actually remember most of it because I rehearsed it all in my head, repeatedly — and then…my brain went to mush…

I decided to just let the blog lay dormant for a week and focus on my family and myself…

Now…it’s time to get back into the groove … so … here we go.