A March Newsletter Happy Dance

My beloved think pad took a header last month and fubarred the screen…so for my monthly newsletter I have returned (yeah, so I’ve been doing this for three months…and I have “returned”, ok?) to creating content by hand.

Guess what?  This month’s newsletter has been my favorite thus far.  I had a lot more freedom to work.  I had more content.  I was less censored.  I allowed myself to be me.  And I liked it.

This is the first newsletter of which I have been very proud.

It is not entirely hand-written.  I made sure there was a page of nothing but the clickable links, so no one would have to type in a whole bunch of stuff if they wanted to check anything out…because me writing it down that one time was bad enough for me.  I didn’t want anyone feeling that bad having to type that into a search bar or anything…

And just so you understand: I do not include affiliate links at all.  I did include a lot of links to the family website…but that’s all my stuff.  I do not shill for other people.  I link to people and things that I love because I love them, never because I am paid to do so.  Just to be clear here.

This month’s newsletter–even though it went out late–not because I was late getting it together–but because I hit a technical snafu where apparently I am in one time zone and my carrier thinks I am in another…and I didn’t realize what was going on (I thought the email to me got lost in the ether of internet crazy-dom, as emails sometimes do…) and it took me a bit to realize, nope, it’s just a technology versus me issue–and I corrected it…and the newsletter went out on the 10th, instead of the 6th, as I had meant it to.

This month’s newsletter (ahem) is chock full of…personal stories (how many people have missed those?  I have…and that’s the important thing.) — actual writing exercises — prompts — artwork –knitting — a couple tutorials — and gosh, I actually forget what all went into this month’s issue.  I had an outline I was writing from and I just kept writing until I had nearly everything crossed off my list…then I went in and added links and photographs and who knows what all…and I ended up with a lovely 61 page PDF of free yummy goodness and my own brand of sappy weirdness.

And that was just for March…who knows what will happen for April?

Don’t be shy.  You can sign up anytime, right here.


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