The Ginger Experiment

So, we have been exploring options in hydroponics and aquaponics this year.  We are still in the early beginning stages.

However, I watched a video of someone using an amazing hydroponics system who grew ginger for home use.  I watched him harvest a few pounds of ginger.

We eat a lot of ginger here.

I make my own chai tea (recipe forthcoming some other time).  I cook with ginger.  I make ginger bread, gingerbread, and all sorts of other things.  Ginger is a real thing here.

I tend to use it for pain, especially in tea form.

I watched this guy harvest several pounds of home-grown ginger…and I knew how much I had just paid for dried ginger a few months before when I made my last batch of chai tea (as in, I make up the dry stuff, and then use it to make tea as needed).

I buy ginger root from our local global food store fairly regularly.

Not a day or two after I watched this video, and saw genuinely fresh ginger root, we went to said global food store and I saw for the very first time in my life the freshest ginger root I have ever laid my eyes on…laid up in the bin with the regular old dried up not so fresh ginger I was used to seeing/buying.

Strange as I am, I grabbed a nice thick big hunk of the fresh stuff…and then I grabbed a smaller piece of the not so fresh stuff.

I brought them home.  Showed them both off to a boyfriend who looked a me as if I had grown great big bunny ears because I was so excited about the ginger (and apparently he has no clue that I cook using as much ginger as I do…)

The not so fresh stuff…since I already had a nice hunk of that in the freezer that I use to cook with…I actually took outside and stuffed into this large pot of dirt that we have.  We’ll see what comes of that this year.  Fingers crossed it grows like gangbusters–we’ll have to see what happens with this bizarre weather around here.

The young fresh root I sliced, using a mandolin, very carefully, since i have lost more of my thumb to that thing that I care to admit to on a regular basis, and I cut it into fairly thick rounds.

I laid all these rounds out on dehydrator trays.  Oh, do I love our dehydrator.  I set it on the low herb setting.  I walked away.  About three hours later, just before I went to bed, I decided to check on my ginger.

I am so glad that I did.  Those nice big three inch wide rounds (some of them, not all of them were so big) had reduced down to tiny crumpled pieces of paper.  I had about 1/2 to 3/4 of a pound of root…I have a sandwich baggy full of the dried scraps that I could probably crumple up and hold in my hand…it rehydrates amazingly well into those coin shapes once it hits a liquid again…so it is beautiful.

Terrific for using in cooking…amazing for using to make just plain ginger tea … which I cannot actually tolerate, but I can add something else to it so that it isn’t just ginger…because believe it or not, ginger alone upsets my stomach…with some other stuff, I can take it just fine.

There’s my idea for the day that I am sharing.

Thanks for listening.