Word Of The Year Check-In


I have certain check-points written down in my daily planner…my planner is more for recording what I did and to keep track of appointments than to have a set schedule for any and everything…schedules and I do not always get along, for any number of reasons.

April 1 had a big note of WORD OF THE YEAR CHECK-IN.

I actually had to stop and think…what was my word again…and when it hit me (deepen), I actually laughed because even though I haven’t given the word much thought, it is exactly what I have been doing all of this year.

I am deepening my connection, my relationship and my commitment to myself.  With my health issues, instead of fighting all the time, instead of pushing my stuff, my needs, my pain, aside for the well-being of others…and to circumvent toddler tantrums…I have started to take stands and to move forward…and amazingly enough…

Taking that moment to scoop up the clots of dog and cat fur that congregate like living little dust bunnies in every corner and along the edges of every wall in the house and tossing them into the trash…so satisfying.

Making sure that at least one day a week on the week-end the entire family gets outside together and walks their booties off…even if that means going to the Eyeball Park (Laumeier Park–there’s a huge eyeball statue that both boys love) and hitting every single Poke stop there is to hit, twice–has reaped huge benefits for me physically.

During the week, I have made more time, when it is warm enough, to go outside…and take the small boy with me and let him loose.  Sometimes, like today, that means we step outside and watch it rain from the safety of the carport and/or front porch.

I am stepping away from 1 social media — which I have been very clear about this entire year.  I am on instagram, but mostly for family.  I am on pinterest, but it’s for me…and most of my stuff is on private boards, except for the stuff that belongs to the family and/or me.

I do not spend a great deal of time online anymore.  I am back to knitting.  Last night, my daughter brought home Lauren Graham’s latest book, Talking As Fast As I Can.  Guess what?  I read the whole thing last night.

That is my plan…getting back to being me…which includes knitting more, reading more, writing more…and since the small one is not so small (he’ll be five in August), I figure it’s time I started pushing the whole school thing a bit harder…going up against a hard-headed second-generation Scotsman…oh, yippee skippy.  So, getting him into things can be a lot of give and a lot of take…finding his groove isn’t always easy…but I recognize his mind and I know, once he gets going, all I need to do is feed the monster of his curiosity and let him follow that where he will…and that makes me SO happy…

One thing that happened in March is I started journalling again…I haven’t actually done all that much of that since this past October, so it made me feel so happy again when I picked up the pen and started writing…and that leads into me writing fiction again…and that feels even better…

I am also embarking on a huge spring cleaning effort in the house and of the house…we have new plants and trees planted outside.  I have been purging all sorts of things…and have plans for more purging…I have started to rearrange things.  There is more to rearrange.

This month we start painting.  One wall at a time.  Seriously–one wall at a time.  All the marker and crayon gets removed.  The smaller boy has promised not to color on any of the new paint (fingers crossed he sticks to that…) and in the moving of things during the painting process…more stuff will go…more stuff will be moved…

Is this a lot?  Nope.  I still have so many spoons per day to use…and sometimes I wake up thinking I have five spoons and find out I only have one…so I am not holding myself to any hard-core schedule.  One thing, one day, at a time.  That’s my motto for this project.

But then again…I think that holds for every day.