Course Now Available For Purchase: So Twinkles The Star

So Twinkles The Star
Thirty Prompts
Second Edition

This updated edition boasts new material to help you along the way.

Take a journey with a Star.
Have an intimate conversation.  Learn.  Teach. Glide.
All things are possible.

This course contains thirty prompts, in the form of questions being asked to the Star.

You engage with these prompts however you feel best.  Do whatever brings you joy.

There is no supply list offered because you alone are in charge of your journey and of your experience.

Two versions are available:

One: A downloadable PDF with all the prompts all in one place, all at once, so that you can pick and choose.  You can work through any prompt at any time right off the bat.

Two: An email course, where you receive an email every day for thirty-days.  In addition to the thirty prompt emails, there is also a welcome email and a farewell email.  You will not receive a PDF at the end of this class.  Your emails are your entire class materials.

If you are interested in purchasing the class, please click here.

Published by

Tabitha Low

Writer, Artist, Journey Creatrix