Thirty Faces Project

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I know I talked about this project in a recent video, but since the time of that video, I have done some work and found the space I wanted and needed within that project.

I felt nearly finished when I completed my 25th sketch, but I knew I needed more.  Maybe I am just conditioned by all the face challenges I do.  I had to sketch out thirty faces.  I have been painting initial layers and leaving them be until I have more time and inclination to paint them out.

So far, I have twenty-five based out (that initial layer of paint).  Which means i have five more to base out…and then a mere twenty-eight to paint to completion.

I do not have a time-table for the completion of this project.  I will just keep working at my slow pace until I am done.

I do have a new project once this one is more complete.  I plan to pull out all the sketches that I have … mostly from last year, I think, and paint those out.  I am nearly ready to jump into those sketches again.

New things are brewing under the surface.  I am anxious to explore them, but I do understand that it takes one step at a time to make the journey.  Running ahead and missing all the signposts along the way accomplishes nothing.

I will keep you posted as I continue along…

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