Spoons…Ever The Issue…

I have said it many times, I only have so many spoons available per day…and even throughout the day, the number of spoons shifts.

(Don’t understand the term spoons as it is used here?  Here is one of many articles to peruse.)

I may wake up feeling incredible and energized and think, yeah, I can tackle all these built-up projects…and then I get moving …and one by one by one, those spoons I thought I had vanish…leaving me stranded and exhausted.

This tends to leave me emotionally drained…I have all these projects, all these things I want to do.  I have a toddler to chase, one teen that needs to get here and there on time for various activities, meals to prepare, a house to clean, dogs to chase and cats to … wait til they want something and come to me begging?

Sometimes I walk from one room to the next completely overwhelmed with what needs to be done, with what I want to get done, with what I have planned to get done…and there is nothing I can humanly do to get everything done all at once.

So…I came up with a new plan.  I can count on, usually, having one spoon every day…my new plan is to do one thing a day.  And be happy that I accomplished that one thing…even if a bajillion other things are quite literally piled up and waiting.

This weekend, I cleaned and organized my youngest’s toys…toys that manage to get strewn and kicked all over the house.  I had my oldest gather what she could find and put into storage bags (thank you, Ikea) a day or two before, so that most of the mess would be gathered into one space.  Over the span of two rooms, I created storage nooks with bins and his toys all now have a spot that he can get to…and more importantly, everyone is working to get him to pick stuff up once he is done with it, rather than leaving it scattered on the floor…and this also requires someone to nag the dogs, who are also culpable in the kicking of toys all over the place as they galump through the house.

Ok, so, even with my adoring partner taking the kids out of the house for three hours so I could do this…this project took six hours to do…and it took me two days to actually recover from mostly sitting on the floor, picking through bags and stuffing things in bins.  So, there is a stack of books on the dining room table and another on a chair waiting for me to do something with them…(which is why I haven’t been painting more yet this week).

Yet, those two days while I recovered?  I caught up on email…and I worked on the family website, adding new things, deleting obsolete things, and generally trying to get things together.

I still have an incredible amount of work to do, in many areas of my life, but I am getting there, one step at a time.

Thanks for listening.