Odd And Interesting Dates Throughout The Month Of May

(This began as a feature in the now discontinued 2017 monthly newsletter.  Now we have it here.)


May 1: May Day



May 2: National Teacher Day


May 3: Solar or Sun Day

May Sarton’s birthday


May 4: Star Wars Day


May 5: Cinco De Mayo

Nellie Bly’s birthday


May 6: National Nurse’s Day


May 7: Robert Browning’s birthday


May 9: J.M Barrie’s birthday


May 10: Full Flower Moon


May 11: Johnny Appleseed’s birthday

Salvador Dali’s birthday


May 12: Florence Nightingale’s birthday


May 14: Mother’s Day


May 15: Frank L. Baum’s birthday


May 18: Bertrand Russell’s birthday


May 19: Malcolm X’s birthday


May 20: Armed Forces Day


May 23: Mary Cassatt’s birthday


May 25: New Moon

Ralph Waldo Emerson’s birthday


May 26: Ramadan begins at Sundown


May 28: Sierra Club founded


May 29: Memorial Day

President John F. Kennedy’s birthday


May 31: Walt Whitman’s birthday




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Tabitha Low

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