Free Knitting Patterns: Duncan’s Cloths

The Bernat Baby Blanket Wash Cloths, By Request


We have been “spring cleaning” here for a while…and there is still a ways to go…however, I cleaned out the toy boxes in the basement and my youngest saw some toys that I had knitted my oldest when she was more his age…and he fell in love with them…I am grateful to know that he really does love the things that I make…even if he doesn’t want me to make him things very often…which is sort of how these cloths came to be.


After getting a new to him mermaid softie and a jellyfish softie, and finding out they can go into the tub fine–hey, acrylic yarn…it washes…and noticing that there were some soft washcloths …as opposed to the other wash cloths he knows I have made (knitted) that have faces and designs on them…he really loves the soft ones…the soft cloths in question are the pipsqueak cloths that I made (knitted) while pregnant with the boy in question…you can find the free patterns for these cloths here…just scroll down…


He loves these cloths and was tickled to hear that I actually made them for him when he was in my tummy (that whole subject, him in my tummy, just fascinates him)–and he asked me to make more of these cloths.  Well, we went to the same store I normally buy the pipsqueak yarn, only to find that it wasn’t there.  There were other yarns, after the third store showed no pipsqueaks, at least not of the yarn sort…and the boy chose something he liked.  He went on and on, as we walked to the checkout, about how soft the yarn was, how he loves these colors especially–which is a surprise since his favorite colors are nowhere near these…but hey, he picked it out…he loves it…that’s what counts…he also asked that his washcloths be lots of different sizes.


And thus, the Bernat baby cloths free patterns were born.


Using Bernat baby Blanket yarn, shown here in “little lilac dove”, and using US size 13 needles for all three patterns.


Pattern 1: The Small One

approximately 4 – 3/4 inches by 5 – 2/3 inches


Cast on: 13 stitches


Knit every row for about 18 rows.


Bind off loosely.


Weave in ends.



Pattern 2: The Medium One


approximately 6 1/2 inches by 7 inches


Cast on:  15 stitches


Knit 3 rows.


Row 1: Knit 3, purl to last 3 stitches, knit 3


Row 2: Knit to end


Repeat rows 1 and 2 for about 20 rows


Knit 3 rows.


Bind off loosely.


Weave in ends.


Pattern 3: The Large One

approximately 8 inches by 10 inches


(If I had this one to do again, I would make it smaller, casting on 5 less stitches than the pattern calls for.)


Cast on: 21 stitches


Row 1: slip first stitch purlwise, *knit 2, purl 2, repeat from * across


Row 2:  slip first stitch purlwise, *purl 2, knit 2, repeat from * across


Repeat rows 1 and 2 about 14 times


Bind off loosely in pattern.








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