Recipe: Chai Tea From Scratch

So, I bought the most amazing chai tea a long time ago.  Then, I ran out of it…because it is SO yummy.


After watching a cooking show where the host went to India and bought what he claimed was the best chai tea in that town (I forget where…but it was in India) and learning that it was simply milk, sugar, black tea and lots of ginger…I decided I wanted to make my own chai tea mix.


Now, the chai tea I had bought, the base is actually rooibos tea.  I didn’t find a pound of loose rooibos tea when I went shopping, so I defaulted to my own beloved black tea.


Here is what I bought:


1 pound of loose black tea

2.6 ounces of dried ginger*

3 ounces whole dried green cardamon*

2.6 ounces dried mulling spices**




*(that is simply how much was in the packet–I didn’t go out looking expressly for that exact amount)

**I had had a list of other ingredients, like cloves, and cinnamon, and whatever else.  The mulling spices packet had all that I wanted and then some, so I grabbed it.  The mulling spices packet contained: cinnamon, cloves, allspice, cardamon, and mace.


I dropped everything in a large plastic container that I have.  I put the lid on it and held it while I shook the whole thing.  I wanted to make sure everything was well incorporated.


After that, I poured the whole lot into a gallon-sized plastic freezer bag, which I put inside another gallon-sized plastic freezer bag to add another layer of protection.  Things break and tear a lot around here.


Then, I set it up in the back of my tea cabinet (yes, on cabinet has the ‘special occasion’ dishes and as much tea as I can stuff into it) and I left it alone for at least six weeks or more.  The point of doing this is so everything infuses together.


After that, I use it at will.


How do I make chai tea from my own mix?


I have one teapot specifically dedicated to making chai.  It holds maybe six cups, maybe eight.


I throw in two tablespoons of chai mix; then I fill it with water.  I put it on the heat until it starts to whistle (this means it starts to boil) and then I turn it off.  I leave it on the burner for fifteen to twenty minutes.


I pour a good half cup or more of honey into a pitcher, usually a half gallon pitcher.  I strain the tea into this pitcher over the honey.  I add milk, or almond milk, to fill the pitcher up.  I stir to combine.


You can drink it as warm as it is then.  You can heat it all back up.  You can pour it over ice.  You can put it in the refrigerator and chill it and drink it cold that way.


Whatever you fancy.





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