I Was Going To Make A Quick Video…

I was planning to make a quick little video, in my almost not-there voice, but, when I came to the only device I have that is working — not including my phone…because it’s really too much trouble right now to do that…especially with all the technical issues I’ve been having lately…I learned that my device is cranky and trying to figure out how to flip the camera from rear view to front view…yeah, I gave up.

Please note, before you start offering advice, the device has issues inherent to itself to begin with–it came to us that way…and because of those issues, typical, hey, let me google the answer kind of stuff actually doesn’t work because it’s not physically able to happen with this device.

What device?  Yeah…I’d rather not go into that, because it’s not the device’s fault or the company that makes said device…but it is a device and not a computer and not a laptop.

My laptop…is, uhm, in the Nevermore, I guess…I used a tune-up program from a trusted source…I have done this in the past with no issues…I used it again, and this time…with different results.  This time…I had to take it back to factory settings, twice, to fix things…and uhm, it didn’t actually fix things…now, the laptop won’t turn on.

Yes, I live with an IT guy.  No, thank you, I don’t need advice…I am angling to get a desk top as a replacement, thank you.

So, I have to make do with what I have.  So, no video until I get something that can take video.

That’s the big news–technology limitations here.

I have no access to my files at the moment.  They are all safe on my external hard drive–a hard drive I cannot access from my device …

Which means … no other courses turned into email courses until we get that sorted out.

My laptop was already having issues with the scanner before I tweaked it and killed it…and now…I am still having scanner issues, but I think I can work that one out.  It’s just going to take me some time…and I do have art to show too…several finished pieces… and I am working on things…

We went to Ikea the other day and Evangeline and I both picked up a couple of journals–more on that later–and Evangeline also just gave me a new leather-bound journal with a binder system inside that I can toss in my purse and take with me…and refill as needed…so I have journals in the works with different themes going on…and other than using a journal for a particular class, I’ve never really had a themed journal before…and we’ll see how this goes.

Along with this update, let me throw in another bone into the fire here…I am writing again, slowly, unsurely, but getting there.  I am dipping my feet back into the waters of fiction…and this device does help me along those lines…but I am not really up to putting up a lot of the new stuff…other than short little things here and there.

All that really means is at some point there is going to be more classes come from me…and right now I am not feeling short little bursts of classwork.  I am feeling something deeper, longer, stronger…so we will see how things turn out…

Until next time…thanks for listening.