Someone Else…

Once upon a time…I was someone else…

Now, I don’t remember who that was.

I don’t think that it matters.

There is this path, foot-worn dirt, before me.

I can choose to go back,

To search for that person

That once I was…

Or I could choose to stay put,

Settle here,

Squat down in the dust,

And watch the clouds pass me by…

Or I could pick myself up and scatter what remains of my breakfast.

These hard biscuits, dipped in honeyed water,

Leaving them to feed the birds who sing over my shoulder

From the tree in whose shadow I recline yet.

I can decide to go forward,

Into the unknown,

Just to see what it there.

Just to see who I become.

I think I prefer that choice

Over all the rest.

So long.