Well, the computer situation here is – unimproved.

The computer situation here is—unchanged.

I, however, am entering one of those periods where I really really want to work…where I have the ideas flowing, where I know what I want to do…where the juices are pumping and…



I need a tech guy—STAT.

I am working on what is basically a tablet…the screen messes with my eyes. I can only handle so much screen time, whether I am reading, watching videos, writing/typing…and then my head starts to hurt and my eyes blur and ache…and I can’t move forward.

Everything I want to do right now…is on my external hard drive. To which I have – zero access at the moment.

I finally woke up, for these past two days, with all the changes I want to do on the Raven Journey ( I am hoping to write it down here so I will remember when I have access to all my stuff again…argh!). I know what order everything needs to go in…I know what artwork I need to do…I know what photographs I want to use and where I want to source them…all of that happy stuff…

And here I am…currently fighting a sinus migraine … currently struggling because I wasn’t able to get nearly enough sleep last night and my eyes are not working at full capacity. Yes, you heard me correctly—if I can’t sleep a certain amount, my eyes do not work the right way because they haven’t been able to work through the screen time I had the day before…I am using colloidal silver to help—if I didn’t have this stuff, I don’t think I would be able to see much at all at any time.

Weird space, eh? It’s my space.

Go ahead and ask…why can’t you sleep?

One—insomnia. I have the issue of I can’t fall asleep coupled with the issue of I can’t stay asleep. I have had this issue darn near my entire life, but it is exacerbated with the youngest around here.

Two—I have to get up in the morning because no matter how many alarm clocks the teenager has, I am still the one that actually gets her up and out of bed so she can go to work. Which usually isn’t too bad…because once she is up I can go back to sleep and catch up on what I lost…unless…the youngest wakes up and nothing can help me go back to sleep – even if he eventually does –which is frequent.

Three—pain. There is no further explanation there. My feet are still savage right now. My back is getting worse again and I cannot figure out why. I know what I should do…but – I do not have the time nor the space…and do not even say, well, surely … no… there is no one who actually does anything that will give me that space and that time…even if it is fifteen to twenty minutes per day…don’t even start harassing me about that. But thank you for your concern.

Apologies for that mini growl there…

Since I am having so many technological issues, coupled with the accompanying medical issues…I do what I do…I have turned back to my knitting – which I will talk about in a different post. I have some new directions I want to take my artwork…because for all my training, again it hits me, that I have stayed within such a tiny sphere and there is so much more out there…and it is time for me to start working that way…whether I do it slowly and tentatively – or whether I do it … in dribs and drabs and stolen thirty second increments…plus, I have plenty of half-finished stuff around, including the remaining 30 Shiloh faces yet…

I have about seven finished pieces, not all the 30 faces, but I haven’t had a decent way to scan them so I can watermark them and post them here…so … again…technology issues…

Until next time…pray for me, people…seriously!