Odd And Interesting Dates For The Month Of July


1: George Sand’s birthday


2: World UFO Day

Herman Hesse’s birthday


3: Frank Kafka’s birthday


4: Independence Day

Rube Goldberg’s birthday

Stephen Foster’s birthday

Nathaniel Hawthorne’s birthday


5: Jean Cocteaqu’s birthday


6: Frida Kahlo’s birthday


7: Ringo Starr’s birthday

Robert Heinlein’s birthday


8: Full Moon


10: Marcel Proust’s birthday


11: E.B. White’s birthday


12: Henry David Thoreau’s birthday

Pablo Neruda’s birthday

Battle of The Boyne


14: Bastille Day


15: St Swithin’s Day

Clement Moore’s birthday

Rembrandt’s birthday


19: Edgar Degas’s birthday


21: Ernest Hemingway’s birthday


22: Pied Piper (1376)


23: New Moon

Parent’s Day


24: Amelia Earhart’s birthday

Alexandre Dumas’s birthday (1802)


25: Hot Fudge Sundae Day


26: Carl Jung’s birthday

Mick jagger’s birthday

Aldous Huxley’s birthday


27: Alexandre Dumas’s birthday (1857)


28: Beatrix Potter’s birthday


30: Emily Bronte’s birthday


31: J.K. Rowling’s birthday


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Tabitha Low

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