It’s Monday!

Oh, happy days…over this past week…the antibiotics have not exactly been the miraculous cure I needed, but they sure did jump start things.  They, coupled with a few herbal tinctures, lots of apple cider vinegar and as much sleep as I could get, cleared up the worst of it.  I feel like a human being again…so thank you for your prayers, your energy, your love and your support.  I deeply appreciate it.

And…during this past week, another amazing thing happened…my hardware issues have been fixed, well, mostly.  I have a new computer, a new set-up and I am raring to get back to work….although I am using my old monitor because I opted for a desktop over a laptop….and my monitor is about nine years old and did not come with a camera–so we are looking for a webcam…and … we are still having printer issues…because…it’s a printer and it has issues…but my loving man is definitely working on that…if all else fails, I am at the ready with a baseball bat.

So, look forward to a lot more new things coming your way from me…I am so excited…the past few weeks have given me a lot of time to think…and this past week, I have actually written some things down, so I can actually bring them to fruition.  I have two new free courses in the works.  I will have the old courses turned into email courses by the end of summer.  I have a brand new project bubbling beneath the surface.

Things are good.

It feels so amazing to simply be able to sit down at a computer and actually make something happen other than just being able to check email and type up a few things.  Ahhh….progress…and the energy to keep up with it.  Thank you.

Until tomorrow…


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