Finding Space In Paint

So, I know I started to talk a little bit about working in my silver leaf journal, using Brave Girls prompts recently…

I know I said I would talk more about what I did and why…and show the finished piece — once the scanner and I come to terms…or something to that effect…well, first of all, the scanner and I are still in negotiations…but I do have a camera…as soon as I get a card reader…(yeah, it’s lions…and tigers…and bears…oh my…here all the time…as in…if it ain’t one thing, it’s another…)

But…what I did one page one of that journal…isn’t the whole story…because the day after I finished that original spread…I needed to do something, anything…and so…I turned to the last page in the journal….and began to smear paint.

Now, the Brave Girls question prompts only go through about half the book…I needed to print out more and cut them out and glue them in…and I got sidetracked–as I do…I had figured there were enough glued in already to get me started and moving forward with them, so that by the time I hit the empty spaces I would be ready to print, cut and glue some more…

Nope.  That’s not what happened.

This is:

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And this:

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WIP. .. art journal play

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Yes, each page is its own entity…these are not supposed to be double-paged spreads at all.

I have a good ten or so of these pages done already…

It feels good — I throw down some paint and smoosh it around–and then I top it off with glitter…and voila…

Do I have an idea of where these pages will go after this?


Not a clue.

What if nothing else happens to them?

Would that be a bad thing?

I don’t think it would be a bad thing at all.

I have an idea, despite the glittered texture of every page, that there will be words, perhaps poetry, put upon these pages…we’ll have to see.

When I figure it out, I’ll let you know.


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