Ayala Art Is Hosting 29 Faces In September

Yay…Ayala Art is back again with another round of 29 Faces.

Click here for more information from Ayala.


I am utterly unprepared for this…it just hit me that it is that time of year again.  So–I am completely unprepared — and my turbid brain immediately started grasping…

Do I need to make a new journal?  I do enjoy having journals specifically for projects like this, I have come to find out.

Can I use/re-use some of the journals I have made/bought that are sitting here?

Do I want clean, white pages–or already pre-made backgrounds already down pages?

What size face do I want to do?

What style face do I want to do?

What media do I want to use?

Do I want to choose a palette? Or at least something to tie the faces all together?  Or do I just allow whatever color wants to happen each day, organically?




(Think Jaws…)

All this stuff floating around in my head–all these ideas…I am not sure yet…but hopefully by September 1, I have something in place, because that is when this challenge begins.

I’ll keep you updated.



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