Odd And Interesting Dates In The Month Of September

4: Labor Day


6: Full Harvest Moon


7: Buddy Holly’s birthday

Anna Mary “Grandma” Moses’s birthday


8: Patsy Cline’s birthday

International Literacy Day


9: Leo Tolstoy’s birthday


10: Grandparents Day

Patriot Day


13: Roald Dahl’s birthday


15: POW/MIA Recognition Day

Agatha Christie’s birthday


17: Constitution Day

William Carlos Williams’s birthday


20: New Moon

George R.R. Martin’s birthday


21: Stephen King’s birthday

International Day Of Peace

Leonard Cohen’s birthday

H.G. Wells’s birthday


22: Autumnal Equinox



23: Ray Charles’s birthday

John Coltrane’s birthday


24: F. Scott Fitzgerald’s birthday

Jim Henson’s birthday


25: Shel Silverstein’s birthday


26: T.S. Eliot’s birthday

George Gershwin’s birthday


27: Samuel Adam’s birthday


29: Michaelmas

Miguel de Cervantes’s birthday


30: National Public Lands Day

Truman Capote’s birthday