Knitting Update….

I recently posted these finished cloths on instagram…


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Will put pattern name and creator up later

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I bound this one off (the Mr) using the same needles I knit it with….and I did it late at night…so I bound off tighter than I would have liked…but it still looks decent now that it has been washed and put into circulation.


These patterns are available for free (click here to go to the pattern) on ravelry, designed by Penopoly Bulnick.

Both patterns are included in the same PDF.  Or you can download each pattern in a separate PDF of its own.

The pattern is clearly written and not at all difficult.  Just casting on, purling, knitting, and binding off.

I used sugar and cream cotton yarn and a US size 4 needle to work the pattern.

And, yes, that’s a bit of seed stitch, eh?  But these were the last two cloths that I wanted to finish before I got married…and, well, at least I finished them before our first anniversary.

Now, what I really need is a pattern that says ‘himself’ and ‘herself’… but that is a lot to put on one single washcloth….