A New Hand-Made Hand-Bound Journal Created


A while back, I lost my three-hole punch.

It wasn’t really lost; it had merely been put somewhere safe, somewhere very safe…and it took me a bit to figure out where the heck that might be.

During the many—many—searches that I made in order to find that three-hole punch, I found a great deal of stuff…much of it I had totally forgotten about.

Before I started taking any sort of online art classes, I had painted these very quick Goddess figures on cardstock…and I found the stack of them, stuffed under and stuck back behind, a bunch of stuff…

So I pulled them out…confused as to their existence for a while.

Then I decided–they’d make a terrific base for a journal of some sort…be it an art journal or a writing journal.

So, on the sixth, I started to work on my Full Moon piece.  I used paint — and I had left-over paint–which I threw down on some cardstock because it was sitting right there.  Halfway through the Full Moon piece, it struck me that the cardstock goddesses would be fine wrapped in a cardstock cover.

So.  That’s what happened.

I splattered and sploshed paint all over the cover cardstock piece.  Then I doused that with a hefty dose of glitter.  hey, if it doesn’t have glitter, is it honestly worth having?  Come on…  I let that dry a little bit before spraying it with sealant.  Then I let that dry for a few hours.

Meanwhile, I cut all the goddess cardstock to the same size, as I hadn’t apparently paid attention or cared about every piece being the same size when they were originally created.

I created ten signatures of three pages each.

When the cover was dry, I cut that a bit larger than the pages themselves.

I added a piece of duck tape (patterned, yes) down the spine to reinforce it a bit.

Then I eyeballed the binding holes…and that is why they are so uneven–I thought I had everything right…but apparently, the guide I was using had slipped and I didn’t notice until after I had the holes in the cover…thirty holes in the cover–that wins, hands down.

So I punched the holes in all the signatures.

I bound the signatures in, using crochet thread.

Then, I added duck tape to the inside of the covers, along the outer edges, just to add some strength, and because the pages are a bit smaller than the covers and I didn’t want the unpainted underside of the cover showing after I glued down the first and last page…so — duck tape took care of that.

I am beginning to enjoy binding books with the tails on the inside of the signatures.

I am also contemplating making some books with hidden bindings.

So much going on lately…who knows what will come of things?

I’ll keep you updated as I find things out…and as I figure things out.