Knitting Update: The Sagaponack Tee Story

The Sagaponack Tee is a free pattern on ravelry.

So, I have been cleaning–I do that a lot…I clean here, and then there.  Small places at first…slowly they turn into larger areas…and that works for me.

I stumbled on a knitting project–one I knew was there…I had something in my head that said I needed to try it on to decide whether to continue increasing or not…something like that–and since I wasn’t really in a space to do that for a while…I didn’t.

But last week, I picked it up.  It was four inches of knitting…and the yarn…and no pattern.  Usually, I print out the pattern and stick it in the bag with my project.  Now, I know I printed out the pattern and that I worked from said pattern…but where that pattern went to…I cannot tell you.

Luckily, I knew which pattern it was…and I knew where to go to re-print it…thankfully I had created a project for this one on ravelry…

Imagine my shock, I mean SHOCK, when I saw the start date for this thing as June…2015.

NO! WAY!  I did not let that thing sit there for THAT long…did I?

I did.

So, I reprinted the pattern…and tried to decipher where I was in said pattern.

I have NO idea what the heck I was doing…and I did not keep notes in ravelry…I guess I didn’t think I was that far along.

And, I found out, I hated—HATED–the yarn that I had started the sweater with…and I also noted that said yarn was too thin for the pattern anyway…do I gauge swatch?  Not if I can help it, honey.  So–I frogged the whole thing…yeah, all four inches.

Then I discovered…a whole stash of red heart boutique unforgettable…now known merely as red heart unforgettable.

I have about five colors, four to six skeins each, of different shades of unforgettable.

And I hate the yarn.  But it is SO pretty.

So…I took the yarn that I started the sweater with originally…doubled it with another yarn…and now the yarn is a better weight for making this sweater and having it actually fit…

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WIP top down sweater

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And I am trucking right along, loving the pattern, loving the yarn…and growling every time I have to frog back because I forget to switch to purl every other row or something (the top is knit in garter stitch, in the round).  Frogging double-stranded yarn can be tricky…ask me.

I used to combine lots of yarns all the time…three and four different yarns…I was making throws and blankets at the time…on big needles…but I think I reached a space where I couldn’t focus and keep track of even small things…and the frogging of that many yarns at once…is mind-bending, in a bad way.  So I stopped doing that.


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