The Original Grain

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WIP. ..still…my original grain shawl

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This is my original grain shawl.

Remember, I started it in, what, December?

I was knitting away on it today as we drove around (I was the passenger, yes.) and thought–I should — I could — just bind off now.

I still have a nice hank of yarn left to that skein yet.

To think–I still have that whole other skein of yarn that I haven’t touched yet that I originally intended to use on this shawl…oh my gosh…that makes my head hurt there.

I love this pattern.

It is easy.  It is mindless.  It is gentle.

It looks really good when it’s done.

But…it’s monotonous.

It’s slow (because I knit slow).

It’s taking for-ever-and-ever….

And I am not binding off right now…I am going to use this whole skein of yarn…even if it takes me until next year to finish it…although my goal is to finish it THIS YEAR!