The Pirate Journal

Please note, a video flip-through will be happening sooner rather than later with this journal…please stand by…

But for now…

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Altered book in progress….

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I had three pieces of brown packing paper that had come in some package that had arrived at the house.

I had saved them to create a little journal.

One night, I sat down, and using spit to wet the creases, I broke all three pieces of huge brown paper down into the proper size pages for a burgundy book cover I had found a week or two before at the thrift store.

Gulliver’s Travels…the book in question.

How and why this became the pirate book, I do not know.

I bound in three signatures of ten folios…and then thought there was plenty of room for two more signatures…and so I made it happen.

I glued the first page down to the inside front cover.

I glued the last page down to the inside cover.

I glued the last page of every signature to the first page of the signature behind it.

I added some black rose washi tape along the edges of the inside covers.  And down the centers of each signature.

I glued in some decorative burlap covered with lace on the first page of each signature, just to add interest.

I found this crocheted flower–it’s brown…and it had tie strings hanging off of it–I glued that to the spine of the book and that is the closure.

The pages are crinkly and rough…and I love it.

Even with all the girly touches, it is still a pirate journal.

A woman pirate, a woman pirate captain, it is her journal…and I love that.

I rubbed her inner spine and several of her pages down with a little eucalyptus essential oil, tossed her in a sealed plastic bag and am letting her sit before I use her.

Hopefully, she is ready by next week…because that is when I think I will need her/plan to use her.

We’ll see.




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