Books…More Books…

Oh, did you think it would just be prompts and not much more this month here on Alyce?

Nope.  I have too much to do…and I don’t want to schedule these posts for November since I am working on them now.

We went to the thrift store recently and here is what I picked up.  I wish I had gotten more.  But, this is enough to get me started…



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New altered books waiting to be made…

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The plan is to make a bunch of altered junque-type journals to sell in the coming year.  I can hear you ask–why the coming year when the holidays are coming soon.

Well, because I am not promising anything before the new year because I can’t be sure I can do it all in time.

I will consider special orders and special requests though…if you have an idea, shoot me an email here and we’ll talk.  I can take on some projects, but not a ton right now.

The idea of trying to make a bunch of things to have on-hand to sell…I can’t manage that right now.  I will get there; I just need to do things in my own time as I am healing from surgery.

Having said all that, as I do create new books, I will make walk-through videos so you can see what’s going on…and I will try to keep my glitter crow faery dust thing to a minimum, as I can, if I can.