Oh, Yes, I Am Playing Along…

Oh, yes, I am playing along with this year’s prompts

I have a sketchbook–well, it’s more of a writing journal that I turned into a sketchbook…and I have been sketching every day of October…

Here are some of the finished pieces:


It usually takes me a couple days to sketch, then paint, then finish each one…which is why I don’t publish them every day…I just can’t…but eventually…all shall be revealed.


But wait, I have also been using the prompts here to write stories over on the Sisters blog…can you tell which ones were inspired by what prompt?

My goal this month is to write something every day…whether it gets published on Sisters or not…so far, so good…

Here are a couple links to get you interested…and inspired…more will be coming along…

Flowers In The Forest

Into The Forest Dark

Sleep Tight

I think at the end of October, I will pull together all the art that I have done, as well as all the stories, and I will create a little book…different than the usual free PDF at the end of October…but still, along that same vein.


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