A Little Story For You…

So, I recently had surgery…and as part of my recovery plan, my darling husband and dedicated family are going out of their way to make sure I take some air and get some exercise, without pushing myself too hard … and this led us to take a walk in the local woods at a nearby conservation area.

This is what we saw there:


We walked by it and Evangeline said, something along the lines of, ‘ Oh, look, this is where wild underwear elastic grows.’

We chuckle a bit and wander on…until Duncan begins to have his say…which went something like this…’someone was walking along this path, just like us, and he died because a bear got him and ate him all up…and the bear threw his underwear elastic in the tree like that so it could be free and grow wild.’

At this point, I was choking so hard laughing that I nearly swallowed a bug and I had to go back and get a picture of said wild growing elastic.  It’s just plain old Hanes, by the way.  Nothing fancy.

And how do you think that underwear elastic got there?

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Tabitha Low

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