Pondering No More

So, I spoke recently (here) about how my daughter’s boyfriend asked me to get back on Facebook so he can friend me and follow me and all of that happy stuff…

I’ve been thinking about it.  A lot.

I am not going to do it.

Although I have many groups that I have been invited to join…and I have actually been kicked out of at least one free email challenge because I told the hostess that I didn’t have a Facebook account…I 1 do not feel good at all about the idea of rejoining Facebook and 2 cannot think of a single thing that I would want to do if I had a Facebook account.

Would I go check other people’s feeds and boards and whatever?  No.

Would I check in with groups, chat, post things, share?  No.

Would Facebook be productive for me in any way?  No.   This is one I have been batting around since he first asked if I would rejoin Facebook–and I keep coming back to–Facebook has nothing to offer me…

The only thing I would do would be to feed my blog, my Instagram and my Pinterest feeds into my Facebook account…and then never log in to Facebook nor would I use it to log in to any other apps…and. let me tell you, there are some apps out there that get very –I mean VERY — cranky when you refuse to log in with facebook…

Finally making that decision to say no to rejoining has actually made me feel better about things again.

I don’t need Facebook.  The guy can follow my blog.  He can follow me on Pinterest–even though most of what I do there is currently private.  He can follow me on Instagram.  I have older family members across the country who use Instagram now so they can follow me because I deleted my original Facebook account.

So…feeling better…just stating it loud and clear right here so everyone hears me…and doesn’t ask me again.

Thanks for listening.