Halloween Knitting: Candy Corn Coasters

I have spent a lot of time on Ravelry recently…

I wanted to knit something for a few people, to let them know we care, but I wanted…no, I needed them to be quick and easy…and still be cute…

Duncan and I found these: candy corn coasters, a free pattern by Melanie Smith.

I started to work on a set last night.  In one hour, I had a complete set of four made–that’s knitting them and weaving in the ends–plus I had my favorite feline assistant sitting there “helping” periodically … once the first set was done, I was ready to knit up some more…they are that easy.


Now, to wash them and hopefully make them look neater.  I can still tell my knitting is not up to par…some days I work harder than others to get back to where I once was…or at least better than I am now…

Enjoy your day.


A Prompt From Duncan


As seen on The Sisters In The Shadows Halloween Scarefest here.


Here is something for you to take on your own and run with in any way you desire.

Brought to you by the imitable Master Duncan Low…

(please keep in mind, he’s 5yo)


It’s a hand butt, not a butt hand.  

What’s wrong with you

Use the other one.