The Reason For Show-Casing A Couple Prompts From Duncan This Month

All of his life, since he began to babble, Duncan has been a story-teller.  He can tell the most elaborate tales you have ever heard–although I warn you, once he starts, you just need to sit down and listen–you’re going to be there for a while.

On a daily basis, this little man will spew some of the strangest, most bizarre things I have ever heard.  So….I started to write them down.

Now, many were lost due to lack of pen and paper when they were uttered.  Many were lost due to the fact that his mama was just too darn tired to try to find something to write with.

But–I captured a bunch of these weird little things — and I typed them up.

Now available for purchase, for $5 US, eighty-four odd something or another from the mind of Duncan.

What you do with these prompts is all up to you.

Sketch–paint–write–do an interpretive dance–create a magic show–make a zine–whatever you do, wherever these take you…just have a ball doing it.

Click here to learn more and to order.

Please note–all money goes into a savings account for Duncan’s college.


Published by

Tabitha Low

Writer, Artist, Journey Creatrix