Odd And Interesting Dates In The Month Of December

December 2: Georges Seurat’s birthday


December 3: Full Moon

First Day Of Advent


December 4: Rainer Maria Rilke’s birthday


December 5: Walt Disney’s birthday

Christina Rossetti’s birthday


December 6: Feast of St Nicholas

Ira Gershwin’s birthday


December 7: Mary Queen Of Scots birthday

Willa Cather’s birthday

Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day


December 8: Feast Of The Immaculate Conception


December 9: John Milton’s birthday


December 10: Emily Dickinson’s birthday


December 12: Virgin Of Guadalupe

Hanukkah begins at Sundown


December 13: Feast of St Lucia

Heinrich Heine’s birthday


December 14: Nostradamus’s birthday

Shirley Jackson’s birthday


December 15: Bill Of Rights Day


December 16: Jane Austen’s birthday

Ludwig Van Beethoven’s birthday


December 17: Wright Brothers Day


December 18: New Moon


December 21: Yule

Winter Solstice


December 22: Jean Racine’s birthday


December 24: Christmas Eve


December 25: Christmas Day

Rod Serling’s birthday


December 26: St Stephen’s Day

Boxing Day

Henry Miller’s birthday


December 27: Louis Pasteur’s birthday


December 30: Rudyard Kipling’s birthday


December 31: Hogmany

Henri Matisse’s birthday

John Denver’s birthday

New Year’s Eve


Farewell To Wonderland

Alice: How long is forever?

White Rabbit: Sometimes, just one second.



What you choose to do with this quote is up to you.

Make stories.  Make art.  Make cakes.

Whatever you do, be you and have fun.