Coming This Month…And Beyond…

New year…new ideas.


Say goodbye to last year’s For Your Inspiration Fridays.


Say goodbye to calendar events.


Say goodbye to Oracle and Tarot Card Pulls.


Say goodbye to Wonderland and the Magic Mushroom.


I will be posting a free 31 Day Single-Word Prompt calendar (hopefully TODAY) — take these prompts and do with them what you will.


I will be posting a free zine, at some point.


I will be posting a free knitting washcloth/dishcloth pattern, at some point.


You can read a little more about these last three here.


You can also expect more writing, more poetry, more knitting, more art…throughout the coming months.


We are still on hiatus here due to illness, so the real work should start tomorrow.


Thank you for following along on the journey here.

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Tabitha Low

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