So, like, about a thousand years ago, we went on a family trip to Branson…it was probably about the time I learned I should not knit hats anywhere near anyone in my family ever…but I was making colorwork hats for everyone at the time.

In fact, I can tell you now, since I found a totally different notebook from  (August 4) 2014 with my to-do list #1 item being “find Branson 2013 notebook” that the trip was in June of 2013.

I found it.

That *&(#%$^&# notebook from that trip to Branson in 2013 that I have seriously been looking for ever since … I swear ever since the very day we got back…because I put that thing somewhere safe and the safe place ATE it for me.

I found that notebook–and a whole bunch of other stuff…because we moved out the old computer desk that had become storage only and poor storage at best and I pulled everything off of it…and it was all very safe…and totally inaccessible… which was the whole issue with why that desk had to go in the first place…not to mention the desk is unnecessary anyway in the grand scheme…so it all worked in my best interest…and the best interests of the house.

Why I have wanted this notebook so badly is because the original intention was to knit up all these hats using the patterns I created based on the bathroom and floor tiles throughout the condo we stayed in…even after I figured out I needed to not knit hats near my family again…I wanted those patterns because making these people hats is what I did…and what I need to do again…

I don’t even think there is anything else in the notebook anymore because I have a tendency to tear pages out after I have used the information on them…or tear them out and file the pages elsewhere to condense things down and not take up so much space, and to keep similar things together…

Now, I have a stack of yarn from then that I had intended to use to make everyone hats…and I have the patterns I wanted to use to make said hats…and I now have a method to do increases that seems to work around this house full of monkeys…

And I am busy knitting other things…because I have some issues with some of the yarn sitting there–a lot of it was bought for Dylan and I am still not over the loss of Dylan.  So, when I am capable of working on the hats, using any yarn, and not having issues because of Dylan…I’ll let you know.

I can’t remember now, but I know I meant to release at least one of the colorwork pattern for free and to sell the rest.  I was designing a lot of knits back then…and it is my goal to get back into that once again.

I’ll keep you posted.

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