Because I Am Tired…

I will give you the knitting pattern I have been working on for this month.

This is a washcloth/ dishcloth.

Gauge is not that relevant.

I used size 5 US knitting needles and a worsted weight cotton yarn.  It was left-over Sugar and Cream or Peaches and Cream yarn.  No label, and not much of it.

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The beginning of a test knit

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I am calling this my Adam Ant cloth…because the stitch is called the Ant Stitch in the pattern book that I am working from.

Here is a picture of my piece in progress…as yet, I do not have a completed cloth…so I can’t give you fixed final measurements.

I just wanted to make sure I got this up by the end of the month…so here’s what I have.


The pattern is thus:


Cast on 32 stitches using whatever cast on you are comfortable with.

Row 1: K2, Sl2 pw*

Row 2: P2, K2*

Row 3: Sl2 pw, K2*

Row 4: K2, P2*


repeat these four rows until your cloth is as long as you like.

Bind off loosely using your favorite cast off method.


Abbreviations used here:

K = knit



pw= purl-wise, as if to purl

*=repeat these stitches to end of row


Any questions?  Please feel free to email me.



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