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Boom shawl #3 finished

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This is the third Boom! shawl  that I have cast on…it is only the second one that I have finished.

I had started a second one using Lion Brand Mandala yarn in the unicorn colorway, using size 10 US needles…and it was going smashingly…and so much faster than the first one I made using LB Mandala in Chimera on I think size 6 or 7 US needles–I use that one as a scarf.

I frogged the unicorn one before starting what I am calling the chunky boom (pictured above).  That is a lot of thin yarn, even on size 10 needles…at one point I tried to work on it at night–when I am tired and I know I shouldn’t do anything–and I dropped a stitch three rows down…it’s an a;; garter-stitch shawl–when I got up the next day and looked at it–I had a nicely picked up row of stockinette stitches there where I had dropped that stitch–but I had then worked about two inches farther one…and no way was I ripping back for that…but every time I picked that shawl up, I saw the three stitches of stockinette stitch…so frogging the whole thing out was not that much of a hardship for me…and with this chunky boom, the two skeins of unicorn that I have will now be used…for something completely different…I have no idea what.

So, how this chunky shawl came to be was…we were at a thrift store…and there were loads of bits of skeins of yarns in one bin.  I think one actually had a label…I recognized at least two of the colorways from Loops and Threads Charisma collection.   With R’s help and his knife (which we ended up not using because he is good with knots), I pulled out at least ten skeins, mostly partials, but two or three that look and feel like full skeins.

I like Charisma anyway.  I’ve used it before, several times.  Just not lately.  These colors appealed to me…so I stood there and worked out every skein I could find…and brought them home.  I wound every single multi-colored skein into one huge ball…and then…frogged the unicorn so I wouldn’t feel bad about yet another project abandoned on the needles until something else that was newer was finished…

Now, I had a good eight to ten inches of the unicorn shawl done when I frogged her–this after weeks and weeks of working on her here and there.  I cast on the chunky shawl, using size 13 US needles…and within five minutes was a gleeful creature as I had at least ten inches of shawl worked up already…and I wasn’t even really getting into it or anything.

I usually knit in the car when we go places…sometimes at night if I don’t think I will mess things up too much…I try to knit during the day when I am trying to finish something (strange brew sweater–nope, not done yet–working on the yoke now–so getting closer, yes) –so when I say I have worked on this shawl for maybe two weeks…that means a great deal.  This shawl is longer than I am tall (so more than 6 feet–I would measure to tell you for sure, but right now the shawl is in the wash–but somewhere between at least 7 and 8 feet long) — it’s thick; it’s squishy; it has a lot of different colors in it randomly and beautifully.  I didn’t weave in the ends, except the cast one and bind off tails.  So there are nine little fringes hanging off the shawl in random places…I had to work to keep each fringe tied onto the same side instead of tying them off wherever they fell every time.

There was just something calling this shawl to be more rustic, more raw.  I like that.  And I am not really a fringe person, so me saying that means a lot.  It feels good, this shawl.  It worked up wicked quick.  I had forgotten how nice it could be to work with thick yarn on big needles.

Now, back to my strange brew sweater.  🙂